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Hawaii Beach Wedding for Your Maui Wedding

Hawaii Beach Wedding locations are best if your party is small (as in 12 or less).
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There are many great Hawaii Beach Wedding locations, but some are better than others for optimal weather and photography.
We can recommend the perfect Hawaii Beach Wedding location.
Some of our favorite beaches are seldom used by other companies. We always have a back-up beach available for small wedding parties.
Keep in mind that West Maui beaches are far more likely to be crowded, with higher winds and rain than South Maui beaches.
West Maui Beach Wedding sites are attractive but not as plentiful as those available in South Maui.





Our West Maui "secret site" is just right for a couple who wants to be secluded.
Couples come from all over the world to have a Hawaii beach wedding. This web page will give you an idea of how you can make your beach wedding in Hawaii a reality. Here we give just a few of the many Maui beach wedding locations that we use on a regular basis.
        Maui offers some of the best beach weddings in Hawaii locations; our beaches are "world class" and we certainly have favorites for the ones we use for our Maui beach weddings. We select our beaches by a list of characteristics we know our couples appreciate. They must be beautiful, not crowded, very little rain, low wind, and have just the right balance of sand, palm trees, and lava rocks to make them post card perfect for your dream Hawaii beach wedding photography (and video).
        As all Hawaii beaches are public and free, you can use just about any beach, even those right in front of your condo or hotel if you prefer (although we do recommend against that for a number of reasons -- which we'll explain when you call). But, obviously, some Hawaii beach sites are just better for weddings than others. We have performed so many Hawaii beach weddings on so many of Maui's beaches we can help you select just the right beach for your wedding needs.
        If you have a small wedding party (12 or less) we suggest that you plan on using a beach in South Maui rather than in West Maui. There is less chance of wind and rain in the South and more choices (as in "back up" beaches should we encounter bad weather or too many other weddings going on). Over-all, we believe that you'll have a better experience if you plan on using a South Maui beach.
        We have provided a limited number of choices on this page, but be assured, we have many more Hawaii wedding beaches that we can use depending upon your interests, the size of your party and your personal tastes. As always, we want you to have the wedding of your dreams, and we're here to help you make the best selection. Keep in mind that it is impossible to do any of these beaches "justice" in a photograph or two. When you are actually here and standing on your beach, you will be in awe of how good it looks.

South Maui Beach Wedding Sites

Hawaii Beach Wedding Site: Makena Cove

        This location is one of our favorite Maui beach sites. But because it is so often crowded with other wedding companies, we often use other more private beaches that we like equally as well. Makena Cove is small and sheltered and is difficult to find by the casual tourist. Many locals have never even been to the area, so it's far less likely to be frequented by bathers and casual swimmers; it is not really a good swimming beach because of the rocks and large waves.
        The sunsets at Makena are usually awesome. The offshore view is of the islands of Kaholoowe and Molokini which normally have clouds over them at sunset. It is likely that you'll have a beautiful sky here for your sunset wedding. Each evening the clouds from Haleakala slide off the vocano and down towards the sea over Makena. Those clouds sometimes look dark and forbidding, but they seldom produce rain, even in winter.


        The biggest drawback about Makena Cove is that it is popular with wedding coordinators and it is often likely that there will be one or two other weddings going on during the same evening. Fortunately, wedding parties are usually oblivious to each other.
        Be aware that there are no restrooms or facilities at Makena Cove and no paved parking area. Because of its small size, this is not a good beach for a large party.

Hawaii Beach Wedding Site: Wailea Beach

        Wailea Beach, in the past, has been rated as the world's number one beach. The best location at this site for a wedding is the grassy hill overlooking the beach. The slope is gentle as you approach the crest of the hill, but steep on the ocean side offering an impressive view of the beach, the West Maui Mountains and the ocean below.
        The paved pathway leading down to the beach goes around the hill so that it is much more likely to be secluded on top of this hill than at many other public sites. But there is only one wedding site on this hill, and because this is a public area, it is possible that someone else might arrive first and hold onto the location (for picnicking or another wedding).
        There is public parking nearby for 30 cars as well as a public restroom at the bottom of the hill. To reach the beach, take Highway 31 (Piilani Hwy.) south past Kihei to Wailea Alanui Drive. Turn left and the beach is just past the Grand Wailea Resort before you reach the Four Seasons Resort.

Hawaii Beach Wedding Site: Ulua Beach

        This beach is a popular public swimming location between two hotels (the Renaissance and the Outrigger Resorts). There is a nice spot on the sandy beach next to where the hill reaches the ocean and forms a small jetty of rocks in the water.
        Weddings can be done on the beach or up on the narrow grassy hill overlooking the beach. This second site is a favorite of our couples for their dinner on the beach because of the romantic overlook of the ocean and easy accessibility for our chef.
        There are public restrooms and 40 parking spaces available. To reach the beach, drive down Highway 31 (Piilani Hwy.) past Kihei until it makes a "T" at Wailea Alanui. At that signal, turn to the right (north). Quickly look on the left for the sign to Ulua Beach.

Hawaii Beach Wedding Site: Po'olenalena Beach

        This is a beach in the Makena area that is not as well known. The beach is long and sandy with a hill and lava rock outcropping to the left with palms overlooking the ocean.
        The parking at this beach is not paved and the only "facility" available is a single uni-sex portable potty. To reach the beach, take Highway 31 (Piilani Hwy.) south past Kihei to Wailea Alanui Drive. Turn left and drive past the Kea Lani Resort until you see the small sign leading to the beach. Then walk over the hill to the left to reach the more secluded spot.

Hawaii Beach Wedding Site: Cove Beach

        Cove Beach is a popular site for surfers. Right to the left of the main beach is this small cove (pictured above). It provides a great look for your photography as you will have a palm tree overlooking your sandy beach site.
        To reach the beach, turn south on Highway 31 (Piilani Hwy.) towards South Maui. When you reach Kihei, turn right on South Kihei Road as it heads along the coast for several miles until you reach the clearly marked sign for Cove Beach.
        The site does not have many parking spaces and no facilities. But it is easily accessible and located right on South Kihei Road, the busy street that runs along the ocean through the town of Kihei so you are not far from many services.

Hawaii Beach Wedding Site: Charley Young Beach

        Just past Cove Beach is another long and sandy stretch of sand popular with swimmers. But at its right hand side, you will come upon a section where the lava rocks jut off of the hill and form some rather dramatic sites for a secluded wedding. There are several sandy spots amidst the lava rock where a wedding can be performed in a nicely secluded location.
        To reach the beach, turn south on Highway 31 (Piilani Hwy.) towards South Maui. When you reach Kihei, turn right on South Kihei Road as it heads along the coast until you pass Cove Beach. It is the next right hand street. There are 25 parking spaces close to South Kihei Road and no restrooms facilities at this beach.

Hawaii Beach Wedding -- West Maui

        The three biggest reasons why we suggest that couples get married in South Maui rather than West Maui are wind, rain and crowds. On the following beaches, the odds are greater that it will be windy or rainy and that you will encounter more people. But that's only a COMPARISON with South Maui and the sites below are still often fantasic (when compared to anything on the mainland).

Hawaii Beach Wedding Site: Baby Beach

        Baby beach gets its name from the fact that there are usually only small waves at this little beach, making it a good beach for toddlers. Located in Lahaina, this is an excellent beach for wedding couples who want to get married close to civilization. The beach will inevitably have other bathers on it, but it usually isn't too crowded.


Hawaii Beach Wedding Site: Kapalua Bay

        This half-moon shaped bay is a popular swimming and snorkeling site and plays host to many weddings. Two grassy bluffs surround the bay and they form a rather dramatic view on either side of the Bay. Off shore you'll see the islands of Molokai and Lanai.
        Because this beach is a popular swimming and snorkeling beach, you will see many bathers. Fortunately, their numbers drop off as the sunset approaches, so there will usually be less people around as twilight approaches.
        There is a public walkway with grassy areas where we will shoot some photos of you to enhance your pictures, but the grassy hills are owned by the Kapalua Bay Resort and are legally best used by first renting one of their sites. You can see paid sites on the Hawaii Resort Wedding.

Hawaii Beach Wedding Site: Napili Bay

        A beach that is a lot like Kapalua Bay (and right next to it), is Napili Bay. This cresent bay is surrounded by vacation condos and is difficult to find unless you know its there. The off shore view is of islands Lanai and Molokai. Expect the beach to have bathers on it.
        There is an excellent restaurant called The Sea House at the Napili Kai condominiums at the north end of the beach. The food is great and the view is of the entire bay (with both indoor and outdoor seating). It becomes an excellent place to finish off your sunset beach wedding.

Hawaii Beach Wedding Site: Our Secret Site

        This site is not really a sandy beach, but an area of lava rock that is extremely secluded. For couples who want to escape the crowds, but don't want to drive down to South Maui, this is a great place to get married. We've never seen any other wedding company at this site and we're not posting the exact location of this site (or it would cease being so secluded).
        Although the site is composed of black lava rock, the rock is essentially smooth. The area provides a 180 degree view of the horizon and no one comes to this site (or stays once they discover that there is no sand. The spot is easily reached in West Maui and can be your site for your romantic get-away-from-it-all wedding site.
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