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Selecting the right Hawaii wedding location is extremely important for having the kind of wedding you desire.
Private Hawaii wedding sites can offer you so much more in the way of personal enjoyment during your wedding.
If you have a free Hawaii beach wedding, we recommend South Maui to ensure the best possible weather.
There are many great Hawaii wedding locations on Maui that you can use for your Hawaii wedding. Unlike the mainland, there are a variety of different locations to choose from. But selecting the right site will be extremely important to give your Maui wedding that perfect Hawaii ambiance. On this page you'll find links to the many different types of Maui wedding sites from which you can choose the perfect Hawaii wedding location.

Private Hawaii Wedding Sites

        We find that most of our Maui wedding couples have the best experience at a private wedding location (whether that is a resort, chapel, garden or private home). This is especially true if you have a larger party. Here are some the advantages that you'll have at a private location:
        1. Better photography & videography. Your photography and videography will be superior at a private wedding site. All of the sites we've chosen to place on our web site are specifically placed here because they provide excellent locations for photography and videography.
        2. Alcohol is usually okay. At a private location, alcohol is usually okay. This is not the case at a public beach or public park site.
        3. Room for your guests. You will have room for all your guests.
        4. A back-up plan. At a private wedding location, we will usually be able to provide you with a back-up plan in case of bad weather. You will simply have more options at a private site.
        5. Peace of mind. You will know that your site is reserved and that no one else will be able to take it away from you.
        With these benefits in mind, take a look at some of the private sites that are available. Click on the link below to reach the Private Hawaii Wedding Site page. You'll find that we have video footage links available for many of these wedding sites.

Garden Wedding in Hawaii

        With the palm trees and the tropical vegetation on Maui, there are a number of great garden sites that can dramatically enhance your photography and video. The garden sites are all reasonably priced and you will find few if any tourists (like you will encounter at one of the hotel resorts). Follow the link below to reach the Garden Sites page.

Hawaii Resort Wedding Sites

        A number of the hotels have great wedding sites. But even some of the larger resorts have sites that are poorly laid out, right in the middle of their grounds (causing your wedding to be exposed to passers by). 1st Choice Maui Weddings works for you, helping you obtain the best wedding site at the best price.
        You won't have to depend upon the resort's advertising claims; we are able to give you an independent view of what each resort has to offer. Having worked with many of the different resorts, we know from personal experience which ones are good and which are not laid out well.
        1st Choice Maui Weddings will save you time and money and you'll find that you get much better service from us than if you try to work directly with any of the resorts. Click on the link below to reach the Resort Sites page.
Maui Waterfall Sites
        There are many water falls on the island of Maui, but the best natural water falls are on the north and east shores where it rains more and which tend to be less accessible.
There are a few man-made water falls located at the resorts. Follow our link below to reach the Water Fall Sites page. We have several suggestions that you might want to consider.
Hawaii Wedding Chapel Sites
        There are several nice chapel sites on Maui to choose from. We recommend that you select a wedding chapel site as opposed to a church site because chapel structures are dedicated for weddings are usually much better kept than churches. Follow the links below to reach the Chapel Sites page.

Hawaii Beach Weddings

        Maui has some of the best beaches in the world. If you have a small wedding party (12 or less) we have selected several Hawaii beach wedding locations that can work well for you in both South and West Maui. These are Maui beach wedding sites that we use on a regular basis (see the link below), and so we know how to shoot our Maui wedding photography best for sunset and late afternoon lighting.
        We suggest that you consider using a beach in South Maui rather than in West Maui as there is less chance of wind and rain in the South and more choices (and back-up beaches) in the event we encounter bad weather or other weddings. Over-all, we believe that smaller Hawaii beach weddings will have a better experience on a South Maui beach. Follow the link below to reach the Hawaii Beach Wedding page.
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