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Your wedding is over so quickly . . .
you'll want to savor the memories for a lifetime with quality Hawaii Wedding Photography.
Black and white photography can give your wedding images a unique style.
Choosing the format of your photograpny will determine the style of pictures you receive.
We now shoot digital and believe that if offers the greatest advantages for quality Hawaii wedding photography
A photo journalistic approach will catch images that traditional wedding photography will not.


Finding quality Hawaii wedding Photography is one of the first concerns for many Maui wedding couples. A wedding is over so quickly and it is wise to savor those moments by recording images of your special day with a Maui wedding photographer who has shot 1300 Hawaii weddings. You will greatly enjoy your beautiful album full of Hawaii wedding pictures which will capture for a lifetime the romance of your special day.
        If you skimp in other areas, you probably don’t want to cut back on your Hawaii wedding photography. Even our least expensive discount package includes 24 photographs in an attractive wedding album. Photography is included in all of our packages. If you select your features ala carte, you can order photography separately. All of the photography found on this web site has been created by John Souter, the 1st Choice Maui Wedding photographer. If you would like to see more of his work, visit his website at: Maui Wedding Photographer.
Hawaii Wedding Photography: Our Style

        We will shoot a number of candid photographs during your wedding, but we like to spend time posing our couples. We also strive to help you look natural and spontaneous as you can be. We love to catch our couples in warm moments with each other with Maui’s incredible landscape as the background.
        The rapport which any photographer develops with the wedding couple has a lot to do with the warmth he will be able to capture in the pictures he takes. We are good at establishing a positive relationship with each couple, helping them relax, be themselves and act naturally. And we’re quick to shoot pictures whenever they capture the essence of your relationship. We think you’ll be very pleased with the results of your photography.
        We also like to shoot scenic shots that show off the incredible beauty of your wedding setting. Because we have taken thousands of wedding photographs all over the island, we can tell you the best places (and times of day) for your wedding site to give us the best possibility of great photography.
        We work hard with our photography and believe that dollar-for-dollar you won’t find any other photographer on the island who does a better job for what we charge. We usually shoot our photography with an assistant who is busy doing several different jobs to insure that we have the best possible lighting conditions and poses while the sun is setting on the horizon.

Hawaii Wedding Photography Black and White

        Some couples want black and white photography. If you prefer to have black and white instead of color, or some black and white, we can do that. There are a variety of different "types" of black-and-white available to you.
        Most couples who want black and white are happy with a process whereby black and white images are created from color negatives. This processing, called "Select" or called C-41, is less expensive because the images are run through the normal color processing machine (even though the prints come out in black and white). We can produce these images quickly and for the same basic price of color photography.
        Some discriminating couples prefer true black and white photography. This involves using film that is a bit more expensive and then in processing that film on a machine dedicated for black and white processing. Prints are then made by hand, so that the cost is greater than color, but the quality is controlled by a human technician who is used to bringing out the best in each shot.
        True black and white produces stronger blacks, whiter whites and a greater range of grays in between, so that the images are more crisp. If you want the best in black and white photography, you will want true black and white film and processing. We offer both approaches, so that those who want top quality black and white can receive it.
The Best Format for You
      35mm Photography -- We still do many of our weddings using 35mm film. There is no doubt that the 35mm format is great for shooting faster than any larger film format. Because we us a great zoom lens (a Nikon 28-200mm zoom), we can shoot wide angle and telephoto shots within seconds of each other without having to change lenses or use the light meter again. This flexibility allows the photographer to focus upon getting the right shot rather than on fiddling with his equipment.
        The quality of 35mm is sufficient for enlargements up to 8x10 and even larger depending upon its final use. (For enlargements that are bigger and fine portraits, we suggest medium format). With 35mm, you will (in most cases) be able to receive your pictures back before you leave Maui.
        Digital Photography -- We love to shoot digital photography, because it means that we don't have to worry about taking too many shots (as we do with film). With digital, we can edit out the bad shots before they go to the lab, so it makes the quality we present even higher. Because we us a great zoom lens (a 16-200mm zoom which is about the same as a 28-300 35mm lens), we can shoot wide angle and still do very strong telephone shots within seconds of each other without having to change lenses or a light meter.
        Digital special effects are also available. We can use a soft focus filter, selective cropping and straightening, color correction, and a whole lot of image manipulation for couples who want something a little special. Digital costs more (because of the increased labor time), but we know you'll agree it is worth the extra expense when you see your Hawaii wedding photos.
Photo Journalistic Styling
        An increasingly popular style of wedding photography for many couples is the photo journalistic. This style of photography is most often taken in black and white. We shoot the photo journalistic style for many of our couples and have put together a separate gallery page of photographs to show you samples of what you can expect.
        We prefer to shoot our photo journalistic photos with our digital equipment. Because bad shots are not costly in digital, we can erase them before printing. With truly candid shots, a photographer must "fire away", shooting any action that grabs his creative eye. And digital allows us the freedom to do that without worry.
        You may want us do photo journalistic photography in place of regular photography, or in addition to it, as many couples do. When we shoot digitally and you're willing to pay for the extra editing time, we can choose to make any of our color images into black and white images if you also want that in your package. This eliminates us having to jump back and forth between cameras, thus keeping us from missing fun spur-of-the-moment action. Because separate black and white film photography requires a second camera (and maybe a second photographer), the prices for us to shoot film photo journalistic shoot are the same as our regular photo packages.
Click here to see sample photo-journalistic images.
Hawaii Wedding Photography Prices
The cost of the Hawaii wedding photography is included in our basic Packages. But if you wish to upgrade your photography you may do so. If you decide not to use one of the basic Packages, you can choose any of our photography options (or combinations of them) as they are listed below, selecting each separately.

Hawaii Wedding Photography (Purchased Separately)

35mm Photography

24 4x6" photos, photo album, 1 1/2 hours of photographer's time

30 4x6" photos, photo album, 1 1/2 hours of photographer's time


48 4x6" photos, one 8x10" enlargements, large wedding album, 2 hours of photographer's time
60 4x6" photos, two 8x10" enlargements, large wedding album, 3 hours of photographer's time
Digital Hawaii Wedding Photography
24 4x6" photos, photo album, 1 1/2 hours of photographer's time -- no digital editing


30 4x6" photos, photo album, 1 1/2 hours of photographer's time -- minimal digital editing


48 4x6" photos, one 8x10" enlargements, large wedding album, 2 hours of photographer's time -- some digital editing


60 4x6" photos, two 8x10" enlargements, large wedding album, 3 hours of photographer's time -- extensive digital editing


If you want an extra set of prints for parents or other relatives, you may also order additional photography, but the prices will be better if you order your extra photography before the wedding.
What About the Negatives?
The photography negatives are not included in the prices listed above. For each package listed, you may purchase the negatives for only $100 (plus tax). The digital CDRom is $125 extra.
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