A Maui Wedding Video for Your Hawaii Wedding!

Hawaii Wedding Video for Your Maui Wedding

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While photography will record the images of your Maui wedding, a Hawaii wedding video captures the emotion of your special day in paradise.
We have a number of great video packages to meet your wedding needs.
Your wedding video will capture and enhance the mood your wedding so that you can enjoy it over and over.
Ask about having your video placed on our web site so that all of your family and friends can view it!
When you have a DVD made of your wedding, you your video will last forever, becoming a priceless family heirloom.


A Hawaii Wedding Video Company

        For seven years we produced our own Hawaii wedding videos for our Maui wedding couples. We feel we did a pretty good job. Then another company sent us a sample of their video work and we realized that what they produced was simply better than ours. So we switched. We now use that company for most of our Hawaii wedding videos. And our couples love them! If you want a sample, just let us know.  
        We have shoot film and videos for many years. We have written and produced professional films in both 16mm and Super8 film, as well as many video productions. We approach video more as a labor of love than as a way of adding to our business. But we simply couldn't compete with our supplier's quality, output and professionalism.
        This company has invested in best digital video equipment costing many thousands of dollars. Their camcorders have been carefully selected for their ability to hold the incredible digital quality and not have a bouncing video image. Quality is an extremely important element to us and it is why we switched.  
Hawaii Wedding Videos
        We do five basic video productions for our wedding couples. (If you have more specialized needs, please let us know what they are):
        "B" Video. This video is fully edited with many long dissolves, slow motion and professional titles. Editing is done to arrange scenes in the best possible order. Scenes are trimmed when necessary to eliminate awkward action or sound. The slow motion gives the quality of your finished video a romantic, dreamlike feel.
        We edit your wedding footage to your favorite song (if you provide us with a CD) or we can choose a romantic song for your video from our library. Our couples tell us that this song is the highlight of their video. Your family (and especially your relatives who do not come to your wedding) will enjoy viewing it for years to come.
        This video is for shorter wedding services only, with the finished video running between 15 and 20 minutes. If you will be having an elaborate wedding (and/or a wedding in a church), the length of your service necessitates your selection of the "C" video below.
        "C" Video. This video production is far more than just a wedding captured on video. It is a customized "love story" set to two of your favorite music selections.
        Before you arrive on Maui we will ask you to think about the two songs to which you would like your wedding video edited. We will also include up to eight photographs if they are large (preferrably at least 5x7") to be shot and edited into your love story.
        "D" Video. This wedding production is for couples who want two songs (as in the "C" video above) and they want extra footage taken both of the wedding ceremony (with a second videographer) as well as other special features such as on-camera comments.
        With the "D" Video you will have two videographers for the wedding ceremony and extra time by your main videographer (up to two and one/half hours). We also allow up to 12 of your still photographs to be included and concentrate on putting into your video all those extra special editing techniques which make our videos so well received. Running time of your video is approximately 25 to 35 minutes.
        The "D" video receives the kind of TLC that makes you look good, ensuring that you and your new spouse will have something to show your friends and family that is of exceptional quality. It will provide inspiration for your relationship for years to come.
        "E" Video. This video involves two videographers who stay throughout the entire wedding and reception (shooting from two different angles and points-of-view). They both shoot live interviews of relatives and guests (and/or the couple) as well as shooting all of the romantic footage of the couple so that it can be edited to three of their wedding songs.
        The "E" video involves much more of the videographers' time, as both of them stay through the wedding and cover your reception as well. With these two different points-of-view, it is so much easier for us to capture so much of the fun and romance that take place at your wedding. With the "E" video, each videographer can record images of both the bride and groom getting ready.
        The editing of your video is done with extreme attention to detail. We have so much footage to choose from that we will take only the best to put in the finished product. You and your entire family will cherish this video for the rest of your lives.

Videos in the Hawaii Wedding Packages

        The B Video comes with the #3 Package, C Video is included in the #4 Package .

Hawaii Wedding Videos (in our Packages)

  Maui Wedding Video  Description

 B. Video
One VHS copy provided.
 #3 Package
C. Video
Two VHS copies given.
 #4 Package

Hawaii Wedding Video Prices

        If you wish, you may add or upgrade any video production to what's in your Package using ala carte selections.

Hawaii Wedding Videos (Purchased Separately)

  Videography  Description


B. Video

A fully edited video production (with one song edited to your footage) running approximately 15 to 20 minutes. One VHS copy provided.


C. Video

A customized wedding video that tells your love story utilizing your still photos (up to 8), and two of your songs to which we cut the wedding footage. Running time is approximately 20 to 25 minutes. Two VHS copies provided.


D. Video

A customized wedding that tells your love story utilizing past still photos, pre-wedding interview, and two songs utilizing music that is special to the two of you. Running time is approximately 25 to 35 minutes. Two VHS and two DVDs provided.


E. Video

A customized wedding documentary (or docu-drama) that tells your love story utilizing past still photos, pre-wedding interview, and three songs that are meaningful to the two of you. Two videographers are present to record the action at your wedding and after. This video is perfect for couples who also want their reception covered. Running time is approximately 45 minutes. Two VHS copies & two DVDs provided.


Hawaii Wedding Video Tapes & Masters
        Extra VHS tapes are available for $25 per tape.
        Your Hawaii wedding will be shot in digital video. It has the distinct advantage (over regular videotape) in that the information on the tape is composed of numbers (only "ones" and "zeros"). Therefore, it never loses it's ability to give clean clear copies of itself no matter how many generations are made from the master.
        We make the master tape available to you. The cost of the Master Mini DV tape that we shoot is $100 (except for the E Video which is $200 for the two master tapes).
        These tapes will eventually disintegrate (as all tapes do), but if the data is copied every few years to a new tape it will remain in its original condition indefinitely. You can also use the master tape to have a DVD made at some time in the future if you do not allow us to do it. Your master tape should become a resource that will last for years to come.
        Because of this fact, the value of the master videotape becomes priceless for most families. Your great, great grand children will still be able to view your wedding video, making it into a family heirloom.
        Because these Mini DV videotapes are re-useable, we copy over most masters three months after the wedding. For this reason, we highly recommend that you buy the master while it is still available.

Hawaii Wedding DVDs

        We all know that the VHS format will soon be gone, so we highly recommend that you order your wedding tape in the DVD format. Because we shoot in digital, the quality of our master is perfect for creating a DVD of your wedding. This format is highly resistant to being damaged (unlike VHS) and has twice the quality of the older VHS standard. Just a few years from now you will be so glad that you had your wedding recorded on a DVD.

Costs of Hawaii Wedding Video Masters & Copies

  Maui Wedding Video  Descriptions


B. Hawaii Video MASTER Mini DV
C. Hawaii Video MASTER Mini DV



D. Hawaii Video MASTER Mini DV


E. Hawaii Video MASTER Mini DV

 All extra VHS COPIES



 PAL Format cost (for Europe)



 DVD Master Created



Extra DVD Copies


**Cost indicates add-on expenses to the regular prices, of purchasing master tapes, extra copies or DVD masters.
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