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You can upgrade of add extra Hawaii wedding flowers from this page to any 1st Choice Maui Weddings package.






Hawaii wedding flowers are the perfect finishing touch for most weddings. There is nothing like the tropical fragrance of flowers to enhanced your wedding in paradise.







There is nothing like the tropical fragrance of flowers to enhanced your wedding in paradise.





It is a wise idea to choose flowers that are natural to Hawaii. That way we won't have to have them imported and their available is more assured.





























Hawaiian flowers and wedding leis and such a rich tradition in Hawaii. We specialize in providing Hawaii wedding flowers four our couples. Flowers from Hawaii add to the romance with their dramatic look and fragrant aroma. Our Hawaii Wedding Florist will create dramatic flowers for your wedding. We offer leis, the haiku flower lei (for the bride's head), bouquets, boutonnieres, hair flowers, cake flowers, and the circle of flowers (placed on the ground at your wedding site).

Hawaiian Flower Haku Lei

        The head lei is called the haku. It can be worn high on the hair or a little lower on the forehead, depending upon your preferences and the way it looks on you. When you order a haku, you will need to provide us with the measurements of your head at the place where the lei will go so that we can have it made the right length. These leis have a tie in the back for adjustment purposes in the event it is a little short or long for your head.

Hawaii Flower Bouquets

        Bridal Bouquets come in three general shapes, the nosegay, cascade, and the hand-tied.

        The nosegay style is a round shape, approximately 8 inches round. It includes a lace backing and ribbon depending on flowers used. (Our #2 Hawaii Wedding Package comes with the nosegay.)
        A popular nosegay is a cluster of solid roses that are hand-tied, with stems showing, laced in satin ribbon. We are often able to offer extra large roses from South America. (See the picture of our bride with red roses below).
        A cascade is a bouquet in a flowering teardrop shape. A popular combination is several varieties of orchids such as vanda, dendrobeium, and cymbidium. All cascades come with lace backings and ribbon. The #3 Hawaii Wedding Package has the bride's Cascading Bouquet. This bouquet hangs down in a cascading teardrop fashion.
        Our #4 Hawaii Wedding Package contains the Bride's Deluxe Cascading Bouquet which is a cascade with more flowers and two star gazer lilies. (See the top photo on this page).
        Unless they are hand-tied, most of our bouquets are firmly mounted in a small holder so that you can conveniently hold them during your ceremony and afterward during the picture taking.
        Our Hawaii wedding photographer often uses the flowers to enhance your picture-taking images by placing them in front of the bride when she is seated on a lawn or beach.

Hawaii Flowers (in the Hawaii Wedding Packages)

  Hawaiian Flowers in our Package

Wedding Leis: two leis for lei exchange.
#1 Simple Wedding
Wedding Leis: two leis for lei exchange
Bouquet: Bride's Nosegay.
Boutonniere: Groom's boutonniere.
#2 Romantic Wedding
Wedding Leis: two leis for lei exchange
Bouquet: Bride's Cascade.
Boutonniere: Groom's boutonniere.
#3 Awesome Wedding
Wedding Leis: two leis for lei exchange
(Maile lei for groom)
Bouquet: Bride's Deluxe Cascade.
Boutonniere: Groom's boutonniere.

  #4 Exotic Wedding

Upgrading Your Hawaii Flowers?

        You may want to add a bouquet to the Simple Wedding Package or upgrade the bouquet you receive in any other package. Here are the prices for these upgrades:

Hawaiian Flowers Purchased Separately

Hawaii Flower Descriptions

Standard Wedding Leis
(your choice of vibrant or pastel)

$13.00 each
Child's Lei (your choice of vibrant or pastel,
with non-toxic flowers)

 Groom's Maile Lei
(The traditional green leafy lei, grown off island)

Groom's Ti Leaf Closed Wedding Lei
(A more leafy lei with less flowers/made locally)

 Groom's Ti Leaf Open Wedding Lei
(This takes more flowers than above)

 Bride's Haku (head) Lei
(Your choice of vibrant or pastel flowers)
 Bride's Hawaiian Hair Flowers
(Your choice of vibrant or pastel flowers)
Bride's Hawaiian Nosegay Bouquet
(Your choice of vibrant or pastel flowers)

 Bride's Hand-tied Hawaii Nosegay Bouquet
(18 large imported roses)

Bride's Cascading Hawaiian Bouquet
(Your choice of vibrant or pastel flowers)

Bride's Deluxe Cascading Hawaii Bouquet
(Your choice of vibrant or pastel flowers)

Special Order Hawaii Flowers & Bouquets
(Quoted individually)

Upon request
Groom's (and/or best man's) Boutonniere
(Your choice of vibrant or pastel flowers)


Hawaii Wedding Corsages

 Hawaiian Flower Arrangements
(Delivered to your room)
$75 South Maui
$100 West Maui
Hawaiian Circle of Flowers
(Six-foot in diameter circle placed upon the ground where you are married--for more info see below)

Hawaii Cake Flowers
(Fresh cut flowers to decorate your cake).
(depending on size of cake)

Bouquet/Lei UPGRADES for Package

#3 Package upgraded to Cascading Hawaiian Bouquet

#3 Package upgraded to
Deluxe Cascading Hawaiian Bouquet
#4 Package upgraded to
Deluxe Cascading Hawaiian Bouquet
One lei upgraded to Maile Lei (Any Package)

One lei upgraded to Groom's Leafy Lei
(Any Package)


Hawaiian Circle of Flowers

        The Hawaii Circle of Flowers is a 6-foot-in-diameter circle made up of fresh cut Hawaii flowers that are placed upon the ground around where you will be married. You will stand amidst the splendor and fragrance of these flowers on the beach or on a lawn when you say your vows. The Hawaiian flowers are spiked down at several points to keep them from blowing away in the breeze.
        If you would like to learn more about leis for your Maui Wedding, click on Hawaiian Wedding Leis.
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