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Hawaiian Wedding Leis
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Hawaiian wedding leis are a fragrant touch for most Hawaii wedding celebrations. There is nothing like the tropical fragrance Hawaiian flowers around your neck to remind you of your love here in the land of aloha.

Hawaiian flower leis are a part of the aloha spirit. Often given as a greeting to someone arriving in Hawaii, their tradition goes back many years in the islands.
Nothing is more traditional and romantic then giving a wedding lei to your beloved as part of your romantic Hawaii wedding ceremony. We consider this a standard part of all the wedding ceremonies we perform on Maui.

Hawaiian Wedding Leis

        As part of each Hawaii Wedding Package, we include two wedding leis for a lei exchange for the bride and groom. Most of the services our ministers perform include a wedding lei exchange. All of our Hawaiian leis are fresh and custom-made for us by our florist who grows the Hawaii flowers on her own property in up-country Maui.
        The Hawaiians believe that it is the giving of the lei with a kiss that imparts that special aloha. We therefore encourage our brides and grooms to give each other a kiss on both cheeks when they place the wedding lei on their beloved.

        Besides the giving and receiving of your Hawaiian wedding leis during your Maui wedding ceremony, we also use them to enhance your photography and your Hawaii wedding video. We will often use them as accents for the cake table, or place them in a heart in the sand where we have written "Just Maui'd" in the sand. Hawaii flowers definitely improve the quality and variety of your photographic and video.

        Hawaii leis can be made of many different flowers and their beauty and fragrance can vary depending upon the skill of the wedding lei maker and of course the flowers used. Plumeria flowers are a standard for many of our wedding leis. They are quite fragrant and are usually available year round in either yellow or white. Purple orchids are another common Hawaii lei that is made in Hawaii. They are less fragrant and because they are so readily available, they are often given at the airport by companies specializing in Hawaii lei greetings.

        If you've never been to Hawaii, you should know that the old tradition of greeting all visitors with leis is no longer a custom. Some tour companies include this in their offerings, but most tourists getting off the airplane will not be greeted with Hawaii flower leis (unless you have arranged it in advance).

        Our Hawaii lei maker likes to create leis composed of plumeria, crown flowers, and other varieties to creating some attractive and fragrant leis. All of our leis are made fresh within 24-hours before you receive them. This keeps them lasting longer after your Maui wedding is over, so that you can bring the fragrance with you as you go back to your honeymoon suite.

        You can also order extra flower leis for members of your wedding party and for your children. (We make certain that the smaller leis for young children are made with non-toxic flowers).
        A Hawaii traditional maile lei for men is made of green leafy plants and is open on the ends (so that it hangs down his chest). The plants that are used for making this lei are actually grown off-island, and must be ordered in advance (and so these leis are more expensive than our regular leis).
        We also have a less expensive lei available for men which we call the Groom's ti Leaf Lei. These leis can be open like the Hawaii maile lei or connected in a circle like a traditional lei. This is much easier to get than the maile lei.
        When you order leis, you can specify subdued pastel colors or the more vibrant flowers. If you have a particular color in mind that you want us to match (or avoid), be sure to ask and we'll see what's available from our lei supplier.

Hawaiian Wedding Leis (in the Discount Packages)

  Wedding Leis in each Hawaii Wedding Package

Hawaii Leis: two wedding leis for lei exchange.
#1 Simple Wedding
Hawaii Leis: two wedding leis for lei exchange
#2 Romantic Wedding
Hawaii Leis: two wedding leis for lei exchange
#3 Awesome Wedding
Hawaii Leis: two wedding leis for lei exchange (Maile lei for groom)

  #4 Exotic Wedding
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