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Accessible water falls are hard to find on Maui. This pages offers a few choices.
Many resorts have water falls for your pictures, but which you cannot stand in front of for your wedding.
Ask us about these.
Be sure that you are aware that while the Maui Prince water fall is open to the sky, it is surrounded by the hotel building.
Maui has many good waterfalls. Unfortunately, most of them are inaccessible for a Hawaii wedding location. Because good waterfalls are had to find on Maui, we have put together the best sites for your wedding. One of the best ways to get a great natural water fall is to fly to one.
Maui Waterfall Site: Haiku Waterfall
        This private water fall drops into a pond overlooking the ocean, in a very dramatic setting. Lots of site work has been down in this tropical location and it can now accommodate larger groups (35 to 50) and Maui wedding parties. The property managers will transport seniors and the bride and groom down to the wedding site via 4-wheel drive.


        The Haiku area is on the north side of the island (about 25 minutes from the airport) and it is therefore a site much more likely to have rain. But the owners have installed a nice structure to protect up to 35 visitors from the weather should it start to rain. As you can see from the above (somewhat dated photo), the site has a dramatic setting, right on a cliff overlooking the ocean.

        A cottage is available in which the bride and/or groom may change. If you want a secluded wedding, this water fall site might be just right for you. For the best photographic lighting for the waterfall, which is always in the shade, weddings should take place near mid-day.

Maui Waterfall Site: The Maui Prince

        The Maui Prince has a beautiful man made water fall located inside their resort building. The hotel actually stretches all the way around the falls, so it will inevitably be in your pictures and video. The falls is also large and somewhat noisy so that it will definitely be heard in the background of your video (which is no problem for our Hawaii wedding videographer). If your party is more than just one or two people you will need to get married on the grass further away from the falls.
        When you rent this site, you can also use the rest of the grounds at the Maui Prince for photography. And of course, you can also have champagne for your wedding at this private site.

Maui Waterfall Site: Remote Waterfall via Helicopter

        If you are looking for something unique, one of the most fun sites for your wedding can be a remote waterfall. There are literally hundreds of remote waterfalls on Maui that are never visited because of their remote locations.
        But one of the best and most remote of these waterfalls can be the backdrop for your secluded and fun wedding via helicopter. This is truly a wedding that you will remember for the rest of your lives.
        Our helicopter weddings take place any day of the week between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. (weather permitting). We meet you at the heliport and fly you off into one of Maui's pristine valley's (usually in the West Maui Mountains) where there is no footpath for casual hikers to use. (So you can be sure that your wedding will definitely not be interrupted by someone just hiking by).
        The narrow valley we usually fly up into is a box canyon with a 400-foot waterfall at the end. The canyon walls are straight-up and you will enjoy the incredible scenery as we fly into this secluded spot. But we have different water falls to choose from, all of which are natural and totally secluded.
        This unique trip is only for just the wedding couple as the helicopter flight can only carry a total of five passengers. These include the wedding couple, the pilot (who is also a guitar player), the minister/photographer and usually one other person who is often our videographer.
        After the ceremony, the helicopter will ferry you up into many of the dramatic West Maui valleys so that you can see some of the most dramatic waterfalls that can only be seen by the air. This helicopter wedding includes your flight and the services of the pilot/soloist. All other wedding services are additional. For the current price, please look at the site fees page.
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