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Selecting Your Wedding Minister

There are many great ministers on Maui. We only list a few of them on this page.
Great marriages are built upon a strong commitment. So you want a ceremony that will touch your hearts but which will also strengthen your commitment to each other. It should be worded to reflect your special feelings for each other. We can help you choose the right minister and ceremony.

        If you desire a Catholic wedding the priests on the island all require that you get married in their respective churches. For Jewish weddings, there is one (orthodox) rabbi on the island but there are also several lay Jewish wedding performers. Whatever your desires, we have contacts to provide you with the type of wedding officiate you desire.

Some of our Ministers

Rev. John Souter

        Our most popular minister is Rev. John Souter. John has performed over 800 weddings and offers a nice personal touch which couples like. He usually reads a free-verse poem by Carl Sandburg that compares your relationship with a budding rose. After the poem most, couples exchange leis as part of their vows.

        His three weddings ceremonies are available for you to read (below) and only take about 10-12 minutes, which is just long enough to emphasize the depth of your commitment to each other (but not too long). He will personalize the ceremony you choose, using your names many times as the two of you are united in marriage. Changes can be made to one of John's ceremonies of a modest fee.

        If one or both of you have a church background and you want God to have a place in your ceremony, we suggest the Spiritual Ceremony. This is our most popular service. Just click on the link to read it.

        If you prefer a civil service that focuses upon the love that has brought you together, we suggest John's Contemporary Ceremony. Just click on the link to read it.

        If you are Christians and you want the Lord as a big part of your wedding vows, we would suggest the Christian Ceremony which includes several Bible passages from a modern translation. Click the link to read it:

        The more popular our website has become, the more difficult it becomes for us to assure you that John will be available for your special wedding day. That's why we encourage you to call us and begin planning early so we can guarantee your wedding date.

Vow Renewals for Married Couples

        John also performs renewal vows for married couples. There are many reasons that couples who have been married for a while decide to refresh their commitment to each other. A major anniversary, like the 50th or 25th or even your first, can often encourage a couple to recommit themselves to each other.

        Sometimes a couple have grown apart and they know that an intimate vacation together along with a recommitment ceremony will rekindle their passion. We invite you to look at John's vow renewal ceremonies below to see which one bests fits your situation.

        If one or both of you have a church background and you want God to have a place in your ceremony, we would suggest the Spiritual Vow Renewal Ceremony. This is our most popular renewal service. It is very similar to the wedding vows by the same name.

        If you prefer a totally secular service that focuses upon the romantic love that has brought you together, we would suggest our Contemporary Vow Renewal Ceremony.

        If you are Christians and you want the Lord as a big part of your wedding vows, we suggest the Christian Vow Renewal Ceremony which includes several Bible passages from a modern translation. If you would like to read any of these ceremonies, please contact us.

Rev. Alapaki

          Reverend Alapaki (Al) has been blessed with a genuine spirit of Aloha that will make your wedding ceremony or vow renewal a cherished memory. A non denominational Minister, licensed by the State of Hawaii, Alapaki has become one of the most popular Hawaiian Ministers on the island of Maui. He has been described as: "the epitome of what I always thought a Hawaiian Minister would be like...big, strong and handsome and you know he loves the Lord".

Rev. Vance Rosete


          Rev. Vance is a minister ordained through the Church of God in Lahaina. He does a lot of weddings and renewals. We have his ceremonies which we can send or fax to you if you are interested in his services.

Vow Renewals

        If you are a married couple and you are looking for a vow renewal ceremony here on Maui, each of our ministers has a ceremony for you.

The Legal Details

        There are three things that the State of Hawaii requires to be married here: 1) a State of Hawaii Marriage license, 2) an officiate licensed with the state to perform the ceremonies and 3) witnesses.

        You will need an appointment with the marriage license agent. Unless you're flying in on a weekend, we recommend that you go immediately to get your license right after you arrive. The cost of this license is $60 and it must be paid in cash. We will set up your appointment for you and give you directions to the license office.

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Dinner on the Beach

        Some couples want to have their own private dinner on the beach after their wedding ceremony. We include this feature in our #4 Exotic Wedding Package. You will definitely enjoy the experience of having your meal served by our chef just for the two of you in a location overlooking the ocean. You can make your choice of menu items for each of three to five courses.

Restaurant Locations for Small Parties

        Smaller wedding parties often decide to save the cost of a reception by simply booking a nearby restaurant for the wedding dinner. We have a number of restaurants that we recommend. This can be simple or it can be elaborate. There are some restaurants where you will even be able to have entertainment if you desire it.

        Some couples like to book an existing luau for their wedding party. If you want to do this, please let us know, as it will effect the time of your wedding. We can assist you in booking your luau for you and your guests (and telling you which luau will be best for your party).

Private Receptions

If you are renting a private wedding location, you may also be able to have a reception at that location. Because the selection of locations is limited for those wishing to have a larger reception, be sure and book as early as possible. When you tell us your needs, we can suggest what would be the best site for your party, and we will let you know what's available on the island.


        Entertainment is abundant and varied. If price is no object, you can have your own private luau. Just about anything is available. A fire dancer or a group of hula dancers can be quite entertaining; entire Polynesian dance troupes are available. We have Hawaiian bands, dance bands (and dance floors) for your outdoor location, DJs, large tents and chairs, catered food, etc.

        If you have a reasonable budget, you can do just about anything. Call us about your reception plans and we will have our reception specialist contact you.

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