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Wedding Photography in Hawaii -- Journalistic Style

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The photo journalistic styling is just right for many couples.
If you select photo journalism, you might also want to select a regular color photography package that focuses on
traditional images.
Choosing the format of your photography will have a lot to do with determining the style of pictures you receive.
When we shoot a wedding in a photo journalistic style, we attempt to look for candid images that reveal the romantic feelings and nervousness and humor of your wedding day. We're constantly looking for those candid unposed shots that show what's happening in the hearts of your Hawaii wedding party and guests. We've selected several images on this page that will give you a good sampling of what we do.
With the photo journalistic style, we also look for images of wedding day icons that tell the story without much detail, like the wedding rings on a table next to the bouquet. Another example, below, is this shot of the hands of the bride and groom during the ceremony. While we look for such images, we don't get carried away on such images, knowing that the bride and groom and their immediate family should be the real focus of attention.
        Digital Photography -- We love to shoot digital photography, because it means that we don't have to worry about taking too many shots (as we do with film). With digital, we can edit out the bad shots before they go to the lab, so it makes the quality we present even higher. Because we us a great zoom lens (a 16-200mm zoom which is about the same as a 28-300 35mm lens), we can shoot wide angle and still do very strong telephone shots within seconds of each other without having to change lenses or a light meter.
        Digital special effects are also available. We can use a soft focus filter, selective cropping and straightening, color correction, and a whole lot of image manipulation for couples who want something a little special. Digital costs more (because of the increased labor time), but we know you'll agree it is worth the extra expense when you see your Hawaii wedding photos.

Wedding Photography in Hawaii: Photo Journalistic Styling

        An increasingly popular style of wedding photography for many couples is the photo journalistic. This style of photography is most often taken in black and white. We shoot the photo journalistic style for many of our couples and have put together a separate gallery page of photographs to show you samples of what you can expect.

        We prefer to shoot our photo journalistic photos with our digital equipment. Because bad shots are not costly in digital, we can erase them before printing. With truly candid shots, a photographer must "fire away", shooting any action that grabs his creative eye. And digital allows us the freedom to do that without worry.

Wedding Photography in Hawaii: Black and White
        As we mentioned on the Photography page, most couples who want photo journalistic photography, want their images taken in black and white. If you prefer to have black and white instead of color, or the mixing of black and white and color, we can do that as long as you let us know in advance. You may want us do photo journalistic photography in place of regular photography, or in addition to it, as many couples do.
        When we shoot digitally and you're willing to pay for the extra editing time, we can choose to make any of our color images into black and white images if you also want that in your package. This eliminates us having to jump back and forth between cameras, thus keeping us from missing fun spur-of-the-moment action. Because separate black and white film photography requires a second camera (and maybe a second photographer), the prices for us to shoot film photo journalistic shoot are the same as our regular photo packages.
        Unless you desire true black and white (or a combination of color and black and white), the price of your photo journalism photography will be identical with the prices quoted on the Photography page for either 35mm or medium format. Because a separate black and white shoot generally requires a second photographer (or at the least, a second camera), the prices for your photo journalistic photography will come with its own wedding album. Therefore the prices are identical to our regular photography packages.
        If you desire to have true black and white and/or color AND black and white from the same negatives, we can give you a custom price based upon your wishes. You can have C-41 color AND black and white processing or only black and white (which is custom and therefore more expensive).
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