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Every wedding has a few basic choices that must be made. If you have decided to get married in Hawaii and more specifically on Maui (which is the best of the islands here), you are ready to begin thinking about some specific choices.
        Wedding Date. Probably your first and most important decision is to determine the date of your wedding. Of course, you'll need this to make all of your other arrangements (like air and hotel reservations). But before you nail those items down, you might want to check with us to make certain that your wedding date is available on our calendar. You can hold your date with us with your $200 non-refundable deposit.
        Wedding Time. The time of day you select will have a lot to do with the photography you'll receive. Morning and daytime weddings usually have brighter daylight which usually provides more vibrant colors for your pictures. But of course, its often hotter in the middle of the day.
        Afternoon and sunset weddings usually have darker backgrounds and shadows. But the late afternoon hours can make for dramatic lighting, especially if your wedding is to be shot at sunset. Keep in mind that your wedding is best finished before the actual sunset so that we will have time to capture great sunset photography and videography.
        Wedding Site. If you have a larger group, we recommend that you choose a private site, garden setting, a resort location or a chapel. This will guarantee that your wedding site will be available (as public beaches are first-come, first-served). There are a number of web pages on this site to help you with your choice of a wedding location. Just follow the link on the top left or click on Sites here.
        Package Selections. There are many great features that you can have at your wedding including the minister, photography, videography, flowers, cake, a musician, dove or butterfly release, limousine, etc. But for each of these features, there are many possible choices. For example, when it comes to flowers, there are bride's bouquets, bridesmaid's bouquets, leis (many different kinds), boutonnieres, hair flowers and haku hair leis, flowers to decorate the cake, arch bouquets and pew bows. We can help you with all of these decisions. Follow the link to view the 1st Choice Maui Weddings Discount Package pages, and from there you can go to individual pages that will give you special details on things like flowers.
        If you prefer to choose each service outside of our money-saving packages, you may select all of your choices individually. Please look at the A la carte page or just tell our romance counselor what you desire when you call our toll-free number.
        Minister. We have a minister's page with several ministers that we know will do an outstanding job for your wedding. When you book, it will help us to find out any preferences you might have. Follow the link on the top left or click on Ministers here.
        Wedding Size. Most couples bring fewer than 20 people to Hawaii for their wedding. If your party is larger than 6, we can help you by accommodating all of the many extras you'll need.
Larger Weddings
        As the number of people attending your wedding rises, of course everything takes more time and effort for coordination. All of our packages are designed for parties of six or less. We do quote different prices for your larger wedding needs. We do this not only because of the extra work, but because we want to make certain that we are adequately staffed for your wedding service.
        Time. For our smaller weddings, we like to allow at least 1 and 1/2 hours to complete everything (from the ceremony to the photography). But when a wedding has extra people or services, the amount of time needed goes up. The larger a wedding is, the more time it takes to get everything accomplished properly. We want to make certain that your wedding is adequately staffed and that there is enough time to accomplish everything.
        If you’re having a sunset wedding, time is an even more important issue. Remember, that the sun will set on schedule, whether or not everyone is ready. This can add pressure if inadequate time is not allocated because of the size of your group. We will therefore schedule extra time when there is a larger number of guests.
        We cannot stress the importance of being early to your wedding. Delays sometimes happen, and that will inevitably cause your wedding and photography to be rushed. So, plan on being early so that you be less likely to be stressed at your ceremony.
        Site Availability. Larger weddings help at public locations take a greater risk. Because beaches and parks are public, other weddings or events may take the spot you desire to use. Of course, at public locations there is no guarantee that you will be able to use the exact location you desire. We have seen entire wedding parties have to travel to another location (which will certainly press you for time).
        For this reason, 1st Choice Maui Weddings highly recommends that you think about using a private or resort site if you have a larger party. Yes, it is more expensive, but it will increase the likelihood of everyone having a great time.
        Weather. If you are scheduled for a sunset wedding at a public beach and it rains, we may need to move to another beach location where the weather is better. Fortunately, rain is often localized and so if this happens and you are flexible, we can move to another beach and not have to postpone your wedding.
        We estimate that about 30 percent of the weddings that we do on the west side of Maui will get some rain during the course of the evening. Although a little rain doesn't seem like much of a concern to many people, it does have a tendency to fog camera lenses and make it more difficult to give our couples the kind of high quality photography and video that want. With this in mind we recommend that couples doing a beach wedding should consider coming to south Maui for their ceremony.
Formal or Larger Party Weddings
        There are other factors that will add time to your wedding. Please let us know if you are considering any of doing the following (so that we can plan appropriately):
        Secluded Bride. Many brides desire to stay out of sight of their fiancé until the moment of entry at the wedding site. Because this often necessitates that we travel back and forth between the bride and the groom to coordinate the entrance of each party, please let us know in advance that the bride will be secluded so we can allow time for it.
        A Rehearsal. Very few Maui weddings are big enough to require a rehearsal. For small weddings we will often just sketch out a plan for the wedding, showing where the musicians, videographer, father of the bride, groom, bridesmaids, and bride will all stand and how they will enter.
        In the event your wedding is large enough to warrant the extra time and expense of having a rehearsal, our services can also be booked for a rehearsal, either a day before or right before the wedding. But keep several things in mind:
        1) There is a rehearsal fee.
        2) Be sure to book the rehearsal on our calendar.
        3) Try to have the majority of your wedding party, (especially those standing up at the wedding) at the rehearsal. Remember people may be flying in from the mainland on different flights with different schedules.
        4) If you have a private site, you may need to book the site for your rehearsal and there could be a separate fee for its use.
        Photography. Whenever you have a larger wedding, you should think about increasing the size of your photography package. Family portraits often end up consuming a lot of the photographs that might normally be used to shoot the more romantic poses with the wedding couple. If your wedding is larger than 20 people (including guests), its best to order the next larger photography package.
        Videography. If you are having a video taken of your more formal wedding, it will inevitably need to be longer than most of our videos for smaller weddings. If your wedding is larger than 20 people (including guests), please consider the need for a larger video package.
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